In the Foreseeable Edge of our Future Heroes Battle

a Bloodcurdling Killer in this Military Sci-Fi Thriller 

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[Gripping Military Sci-Fi] ~ by Kate Rauner, 02 July 17

    Edge of the Future is an engrossing military science fiction story set on Earth and nearby space sometime in our near future.

    Mark is a military scientist working on secret projects but not a combat soldier – at least, not until his lab is attacked by a mysterious villain. Mark and a fellow scientist are put into protective custody with a pair of elite soldiers and Mark’s counterpart, Axel, trains him in self-defense. They become friends in a blunt combative manner befitting soldiers.

    In addition to hand to hand combat, there’s elite armor, cyber-hacks, mind-control, nifty weapons, and spaceships enough to keep a military sci-fi fan happy. I’ve never been in the military but the details felt very believable and the characters are well developed.
    It becomes obvious the villain has not given up and operates a powerful organization that includes cyborgs. I won’t risk spoilers, but this is a powerful, resourceful, and vicious villain who’s willing to go to extremes to get the data she wants.
    Especially the second half of the book is fast-paced and flows. I read the last 25% in a single sitting – I had to find out how it ended.
    There’s a real and satisfying ending – but some characters are still around so a sequel seems possible.
    I always enjoy looking for an author’s little quirks. Stone’s characters take a lot of showers – perhaps because they’re sweaty and bloody so often. 
If you like military sci-fi, this book’s for you!


 ~ Critic's Report ~ The BookLife Prize 
Futuristic Thriller: Stone's novel, Edge of the Future, begins with an explosion--literally--and the pyrotechnics continue for the rest of the story. The plot is well paced and is borne along well by its main characters: Scientist Mark Warren, his "wingman" protector Sergeant Axel Von Radach, and Beth Coulter, an identity-shifting villain, whose evil schemes keep the plot twisting and turning. 


Edge of the Future by Andria Stone

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What drew my interest to 
Edge of the Future was that it was military science fiction, a debut, and a new author! I am always on the lookout for a good sci-fi read and this book looked just right [😊] . Once I started reading it what really got my blood pumping was that it has cyborgs, medical nanotechnology that is able to heal just about every sickness and injury, hi-tech military weaponry, and armored bio-suits that make soldiers practically unbeatable just to name a few things. Lots of sci-fi goodness. So exciting!

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