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ANDRIA STONE was born in the South but has lived many places, from California to Florida.

has been her passion, with visits to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, India, Buenos Aires, the Bahamas, Paris, London, Rome, and Vienna.

Growing up, her favorite books were comics that belonged to her cousins. She's devoured books ever since. Her favorites became Science Fiction. So, she's written one, but while doing that—so many plots occurred to her that she decided to write a Trilogy.

She now lives in sunny Florida with two rescued Siamese cats, CoCo and YumYum.

As a science fiction writer, she seeks out new scientific and technical developments to use in her stories, which helps forecast the techno-social changes of our times. She hopes the way they're woven into her storytelling will spark your interest, challenge your sense of cultural propriety and expand your consciousness—not to mention being a mighty fun read.

She has a BA in Liberal Arts from UCLA.