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Science Fiction & TechnoThrillers

​     ANDRIA STONE is the author of a Science Fiction series, 

     The EDGE Trilogy: Digital, Audible, Paperback (Amazon)

Edge of the Future (Book 1)

Edge Of The Stars(Book 2)

Edge Of The Rings (Book 3)

   Andria's lived many places, from the exciting earthquake regions of California to the equally hair-raising hurricane zones of Florida.

     Traveling has been her passion, with visits to four continents, a dozen countries, plus more museums and art galleries than she can count. She has a BA in Liberal Arts from UCLA.

  Growing up, her favorite books were her cousin's comics. She's devoured books ever since. Her favorites became Science Fiction and she finally began writing the kind of books she likes to read. Space with a touch of Science, a Thriller laced with Suspense and Mystery, inhabited by flawed Heroes real enough to make you laugh and cry. She also hopes you find them a mighty fun read.

     Her two new books are in the Thriller genre:

TOP SECRET CORPSE (Released: 2-1-19)

Nailed in Coral Springs (Upcoming Release: Soon!)

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