Excerpt:(The Edge Series-Book 3)

   The spacecraft landed on a moonless night, less than sixty miles below the Canadian border on a stretch of Montana’s frozen tundra. Arctic winds swept across the barren tract of land, buffeting the ship.
    Doctor Mark Warren jumped from the hatch into subzero temperature on a hard-packed icy surface. He and two more, all intruders on this land, wore snow-white self-contained armored suits, which emitted no bio-signatures, thus were shielded from any known surveillance device. Each one carried a pulse rifle plus a full pack of explosives. They could take out a city block or survive for a week without assistance—though none planned to be on the ground for more than an hour.
  This was a covert surgical strike, planned and executed by a team of three private citizens, who were also former members of the Terran military—a cybernetic scientist and two sergeants of the elite armored division. Acting on a dying declaration from an informer, they were hunting for specific criminals, intent on dismantling a league of three corporations trafficking in human clones.

  Their mission: to take the head of the snake, leaving the other two vipers easier to eliminate. Rescuing any prisoners was a bonus.


 They ran for cover in a nearby stand of Douglas-firs. With the woman, Kamryn Fleming on point, Mark, and Axel Von Radach broke away at a slight southern angle. Less than a minute later, their suits had auto-camouflaged in the ambient lighting to a flat black. In silence, they hid among the trees waiting for their targets to file past. The green-hued thermal imaging inside their helmets soon picked up the approaching trio of security guards on patrol around the exclusive compound.
   As the guards passed Kamryn, she shot the last man in line with the stun gun built into the arm of her suit, rendering him unconscious. She caught him before he hit the ground. Into her helmet’s comm she whispered, “One down.”
   Both the remaining guards continued, oblivious to the fate of their colleague.
   Axel delivered a knifehand strike to the jugular of the guard following the leader. “Two down,” he intoned.

   Seconds later, Mark took out the lead guard with a driving blow to the temple. “Three down.”

  The guards were face and fingerprinted, then given an extra dose of heavy stun to keep them incapacitated before the three intruders advanced.

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