"You created a very vivid world of action, adventure and mystery."

Lilly Morris 

"Impressive work and polished writing style. I tore through it!"

A.J. Champagne






When Marshal Flint Maddox finds his best friend murdered, it triggers the K5 PROTOCOL, a long dormant neural implant, and he comes face-to-face with the deadly past he left years ago. As Maddox searches for his friend’s missing daughter, he deputizes a posse of four androids, and steals an alien ship. They embark on a desperate galactic hunt filled with treacherous wormholes, feminine betrayal, and aliens who consider humans an expendable race. 

Relentless in his pursuit, despite surviving a run in with pirates, Maddox uncovers a horrific genetic conspiracy—that if the details become known—will rock the galaxy. 

From a once great Earth, to the utopian world of Anterra to the ice planet of Degress 9 to the strange Outer Rim Territories, you will ride along with Maddox and his crew. But buckle up because you’re in for a heart-pounding, nail-biting, but well worth waiting for…Ending!

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