Review:  Edge of the Future

Inside the Inkwell ~by~ Christopher D. Schmitz

Posted on May 2, 2017

There is much to love in Andria Stone’s Edge of the Future. Books somewhere on the “hard sci-fi” spectrum have been pretty light in my request/query pile lately and it’s one of my favorite genres and there is much that she really does well.

First off, the cover is great—too many indie authors skimp here and either fail horribly and opt for a CC0 piece of free art with just a distant planet or something similar…or else they fail to capture the scope of their sci-fi story which, as a genre, has many niches. Edge of the Future jumps around our solar system with space travel, 
biosuitsnanobots, gun-toting cyborgs, etc.  and so the cover really does it justice, letting us know that Earth (or Terra, in her future universe) is not the only setting for this story.

The characters are great and there’s a great chemistry between Mark and Axel—I even laughed out loud at the conversation these two guys had after waking in the hospital following an “accident” where one is shot in a… sensitive area. Stone really captures the essence of how guys relate to each other.

I also appreciated how things like racial diversity weren’t lost to humanity even though the world is pretty cohesive (along with populations on the moon/Luna and Mars) and the diversity didn’t feel forced or cliché. The book had a feel very similar to the human interactions of Mark Cooper’s Merkiaari Wars series, which I enjoyed very much.

It’s a little less heavy than The Expanse, but takes place in a world with a similar feel, sans the injection of
noir mystery and instead focusing on the adventure and plot (like the Star Trek movies have done). If you liked The Expanse, you will like this book.

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