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Released 2/1/19


 ​Nailed in Coral Springs

 Out SOON!

BLURB: The 2nd Jack Bennett Thriller 

  • Jack gets a call from a movie studio in South Florida saying the spider robot he designed isn’t working right.
  • SO...what starts out as a simple fix-it trip and a big bonus...turns into a scary-as-hell encounter with people that have a million motives for murder.
  • Now…what do a gnome, a stripper, and a dead Lithuanian lawyer have in common?
  • Check out Jack Bennett’s latest misadventure where the gritty crime underworld collides with the glossy veneer of Coral Springs, in the land of Movies, Mayhem and Murder!


  • What if you returned from vacation and found something in the pool—that didn’t belong there?
  • What if you’re drawn into a crime through no fault of your own?
  • What if you’re being threatened and the authorities won’t help?
  • How long could you live on the edge, knowing the next moment could be your last?
  • With the danger mounting both against yourself and your family, would you decide to take matters into your own hands?
  • Let’s see what Jack Bennett does…